Recreating html files for upload to a new server from a wysiwyg provider while preserving the familiar look and adding responsive mobile formatting optimized the functionality of this website.  Additional services provided: logo design, photo research, and copy writing and editing.  Book cover design included illustration of authors of Right Brain / Left Brain, Use Everything You've Got to Create a Great Life! Both print-on-demand and ebook formats contain entertaining illustrations at chapter and section breaks.This project integrated this entrepreneur's  management consulting and professional empowerment websites into one location.  The new site was published in concert with an updated Wordpress blog and a new book for which I designed the  cover and interior files for both print and ebook formats.Knowing how to use and integrate resources helped bring this book cover and interior design project to print-on-demand format and a wide range of e-book platforms including ibooks, Nook and Kindle.  I can coach you through this or do it for you including promotions.The Latitude logo captures the interactive transformation which occurs in therapy.  "InventLive" and the banner design capture the intention of inventive living at  It takes curiosity and the ability to craft design to produce the look that will support your best interests.Logo for Directions Marketing (upper left) designed in 1986, has withstood the test of time.  Quick Response code can serve a variety of interests in establishing and maintaining communication with your base.  QARTC's add a custom designed "jacket" to your code.  Visit for more info.Download the SCAN app to your smartphone to see how QARTC's can connect you to resources that inform and delight.  If camera lens focuses on pixels rather than QARTC, simply move your smartphone toward and away from screen while scanning.  Remember, this iis a tool for taking users from print to webCreativity is an innate gift for everyone.  It is the ability to explore and invent, but can set limits if we're not fully aware of it's limitless activity in our lives. These art sessions gently expose drawbacks and help creativity move in a positive direction. see my Study Art link for more info.
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Author Joe Taylor sent humorous lessons from his memoirs as gag-lines to which Pic cartooned illustrations for the book. 

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I really feel like your cartoons have added a wonderful element to our publication.
Oh my gosh, I love this so much!  Thank you for sending, it is perfect!

It is amazing the emotion you can convey with just a few lines!
Project design, facilitation, photo documentation, editing, copywriting, music selection and timing for this short video, work together to demonstrate the positive effects of, and create support for developing creative practices for youth in this therapeutic day-treatment setting.
jUST aSK  ;)
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