"Let go of the need to know and embrace art as a vehicle for personal and professional discovery and development!  In group or individual sessions you'll find that art does not hang on the wall but in the moment."

  • Adult sessions are an interesting mix of art, tea, and good conversation about myriad eclectic topics. 

  • Group workshops are specially designed and facilitated to meet your goals in as little as 1 hour.

  • Cartooning for kids projects provide hours of  developmental enjoyment in emotional literacy, and story-telling and creative/life skills including problem-solving, planning, project management, and refining.

Experience art as a way to enjoy being aware
and connected to life!

From Workshop Participants (teambuilding):

...everyone loved the experience, as did I.

...everyone was so comfortable and did his/her own thing...

A BIG Thanks from all of us ... for your work and inspiration

This was a unique and fun way to bring our team together for building collaboration and interdependence.

Client, P&G.

Student Feedback (studio sessions):

When I look at my painting I am just completely joyful and grateful.

Your gentle ways of teaching have helped me to relax and grow immensely.

I can't wait to come here! I really need this!

You are awesome. Thank you! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


Voicemail:  513.549-4607
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All artwork shown used with permission of the originating artist, all rights reserved

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Experience a new way of seeing!
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These paintings are student work based on the first still-life study in the abstract method class.  Each artist makes the method his or her own.
From Digital Clients (books, websites etc):

Pic, thank you so much. I LOVE the cover. I am working through the galley print and will try to get it to you early next week. Thanks a million.

I just read your proposed changes pic - they are just terrific and I totally agree - excellent writing on your part.
- PG

It's real!!!  I can't tell you how excited I got when I opened the file.  A dream is coming true - thank you.