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close up in baby bedroomclose up in baby bedroomDoor Mural in KitchenDetail of mural on door in living room made dead space into room additionLebanon Lakefront  Doors disappear as animal friends new and old wander hillsides and lakside dock (in alcove) to expand this small nursery into a 5-acre lakeside wonderland.
Children's Rooms and Door Murals  1993-1999
Small Pieces  1992-1999, remaining pieces currently available
D' Flea Market.  Mural in pet grooming establishment. Though it was not a community project, this mural was made in the company of quite a few cute puppies.Riverquilt. Mural installation and community building project at the Pendleton Heritage CenterKid 2 Kid. Community based mural created by chldren from Mariemont and Madisonville.Entrance to residential treatment facility for adolescent girls painted with residents who also contributed elements for the design.Upper School Mural completed with students at The Children's Home of Cincinnati, 2013
The work on these pallets illustrate four ways I have created murals on just about everything - flat and 3-D surfaces as a matter of necessity (I couldn't afford canvas so I started painting on chairs), decor (when is a door not a door?) and teaching (youth life skills in collaboration and self-direction) in addition to my usual dreaming.
Murals Made with Others 1995-2013
Of the items shown on this page, only work in the Small Pieces pallet is currently available.  Everything else has sold.  I do accept commissions on furniture or location.  Click an image to see larger. jUST aSK   to learn more and/or commission work
Painted furniture make murals mobileAnniversary Bench.  Commission from husband to wife.Tabletop Pond. Trompe L'oeil at it's best, thie elements on this table must be made workable from multiple viewing points to fools the eye into bringin it all together.Commission on a table using photos from a teacher's trip to Bali.Commission of an outdoor scene for indoor use in a child's room.
Furniture 1991-1999
Black Swan is also a cat.  To see this from another angle send a request from jUST aSK in the tab toolbar.Cat Box, a cat poised on the rim of a fish bowl makes friends smile when lid is lifted.  Woud you like to see what's under the lid?  Send a jUST aSK request from the tab toolbar.Caroussel Couple, jewelry box with mirroed lid.Rocoflo, half a chair makes a colorful stoolSilvery Moon, the title of this etched Ostrich Egg iruns around the edge
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