1999-2006 paper over corrugated construction
2010-2014, paper cast over sand sculpture
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P i c    M i c h e l   A  R  T

P A P E R W O R K S :  Masks & Mythology
As they once were used in theater and tribal ceremonies to pronounce facial expression and meaning, so masks became an important form of my expressive workin conveying inner and outer meaning.
Capturing an expression with just a few bends of wire or telling
a longer story by crafting details over eight square feet while developing the methods to do so has satisfied both the explorer and story-teller in me as artist for many years. 

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EgotacticalRather KnotRidiculUsAs Above, So Below
1999-2006  wire on paper over wire
Lion ChildWolf ElderEagle KnightFoolish
Fool's FallNoctiluscuent Trilogy - Virgin, Mother, CroneEmergingMusic Man - This piece appears on both the mask and abstract page as (with much of my work) the mask (resembling a Picasso self-portrait) arrived in the work without my conscious awareness as I was focused on abstracting the violin in much the same way as that shown on the Abstract Painting page.
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