1991-2003 Paintings symbolic of my travels geographically and in relationship with others
Pre-Abstract, Pre-Digital  1994-1996, A brief foray into abstraction prior to focusing on it full-time with Planes and Consciousness
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P i c    M i c h e l   A  R  T

N E O S Y M B O L I S M  ON  C A N V A S
Tripple DipThe New Big Four, 2013 A Walk in the Park, 2013Midnight Snack, 2013Family in Over-the-Rhine, 2015
An illustrator at heart, my paintings tell stories.  Many use symbolism to express what was going on in my life at the time.   As with all my other works,how a painting may be interpreted by you is part of the ongoing creative process
Harley, Commission soldClarinet, 1995,  one of four instruments studied
Rosa Lucere, 1992, giftAt Home in the South. 1993 SoldKey WestRound Bottom RoadMexico Shepherd
2007-2015  I spent more time on abstract work during this time, these paintings let me express humor and reactions to excess
Feel free to send me a message telling me how a painting strikes you.  All work on this page, except as noted, comes from my private collection which I am willing to sell.  To learn more about a particular work or style jUST aSK
1988-1991  Origins as a pen and ink illustrator required outlines in my early paintings many of which were symbolic self-portraits
Behind the GateBather with Webster's 9th Collegiate DictionaryCat in the StreetlightTouching the Hot StoveAngel with Children (sold)