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Author Joe Taylor sent humorous lessons from his memoirs as gag-lines to which Pic cartooned illustrations for the book. 

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I really feel like your cartoons have added a wonderful element to our publication.
Oh my gosh, I love this so much!  Thank you for sending, it is perfect!

It is amazing the emotion you can convey with just a few lines!
Art leasing and rental can put the art you love right where you want and need it. 

You can have great art and afford it too!  Decorate your home and office at a fraction of the total value of the work. Rent to stage events such as weddings and home sales.

Why Lease?
  • Businesses can deduct up to 100% of a lease compared to depreciating costs over time.
  • A portion of lease proceeds goes toward the purchase value of the work should you decide to keep your favorite pieces. 
  • Regularly refresh your work and home environment.

Artists are often asked to donate art for fundraising.  What you might not know is the artist, unlike art patrons, cannot deduct the purchase value of the artwork - only the art materials such as the cost of the canvas and paint. This is why I, like many artists now provide art for fundraisers through a gallery-style relationship, splitting the proceeds. 

I have painted furniture, shelf-sized pieces, canvas, wire and paper sculpture in a wide range of trending colors and styles.  Consider the possiblilities and call or message to see a selection of available artwork.
Paintings from the Dance Collection installed at Romer's Catering and Entertainment Facility in Celina Ohio
P i c    M i c h e l    L e a s e   a   P i e c e     A r t  L e a s i n g   &   R e n t a l         

Waiting room and offices of Latitude Therapeutic Practices, Cincinnati, Ohio
"People just love the new artwork!  They really notice it!"     - Lease Client
Fool's Fall, image of this Paperwork licensed by the Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio, was used on invitations and website for Mardi Gras themed fundraiser 2013.