P i c    M i c h e l    P a p e r w o r k s
A  R  T  W  O  R  K        B  Y
QUIET WISDOM archetypal mask, Acrylic on paper over corrugated, 24"x24"x8" - 2003 SOLDCROP CIRCLES acrylic on paper sculpture with wrapped wire, 48X24,4 2005 - SOLDGAIA, acrylic on paper sculpture with wrapped wire,  75"X31"X5" 2002  - NFSTREE OF LIFE  Acrylic on paper and corrugated over wrapped wire. 48"X48"X10" irregular. 2001,  $2000TSUNAMI,  acrylic stained cast paper with wrapped wire. 30"x85"x8", 2011 $3600.NOCTURNE,  Acylic stained shaped paper and wire. 23"x27", 2011, $1200MEDICINE WHEEL, Acrylic stained shaped paper with jute, fabric pouches. ISelected for the Ohio Art Council, OOVAR exhibit Columbus Ohio. 23"x48", 2011, $1500EMERGING (side view),  Acrylic on paper cast and wire. Selected by the Cifton Cultural Art Center, Golden Ticket exhibit.  22"x30", 2011, $1400Fool's Fall, Acrylic on cast paper.  Selected by the Sessions Committee, Columbus Museum of Art for Mardi Gras fundraiser 2013.  24"x48"x5" (depth irregular) 2012  $2400Noctilucent Trilogy,  acrylic on cast paper and wrapped wire relief sculpture 24"x48"x4" irr. 2012, $2400Music Man, 30"x40" acrylic on cast paper, 2012 $1500Night Strikes, 14"x15" Acrylic on square shaped torn paper "canvas" $350
All artwork shown copyright C. Pic Michel, all rights reserved

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See the completed work of my study from canvas paper.

About Paperworks
Building in paper is inventively satisfying, inventive work for me.  It is important that the form is not simply treated as a canvas for paint but that the two medias each hold their own artistic values.

Paperwork abstract and figurative pieces have been selected for juried exhibitions by The Ohio Arts Council, Clifton Cultural Arts Center, galleries in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Kentucky, licensed by the Columbus Museum of Art, and are included in many private collections in Ohio and Kentucky.
A  R  T  W  O  R  K        B  Y
Reassembling trees through sand-model casting and corrugated infrastructure with and without wire

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