V A N I S H I N G  series
Tembe African Elephant
Vanishing Series
P i c    M i c h e l    W i r e  W o r k s
A  R  T  W  O  R  K        B  Y
Anagada (Iguana),  Colored paper painted on wire, 2007
Anegada,  this  sculpture from the Vanishing series captures  the Ground Iguana one of the world's most colorful creatures, with varnished tisue paper. Anagada is an endangered in the British Virgin Islands and Anegada Island. Part of the Vanishing Series, Tsuli or "parrot" in Costa Rica respects this species' vanishing status. See archives for Polar Bears.Tembe is modeled after the "Big Tuskers" in the Tembe Elephant Park, South Africa.  With tusks that weigh at least 45kgs or about 100 pounds, these magnificent creatures are endangered and hunted for their value in ivory.
The Vanishing Series  is a meditation on the spirit of animals that are disappearing worldwide due to climate change and various forms of human activity. Through gentle bends, meaningful twists, and transluscent colors,
I seek to illustrate the qualities for which each animal speaks. With hopes that these rare gifts do not simply vanish, may we honor their service as teachers and awaken to their legacy by making their examples our own.
My human studies are motivated by the current times, my memories and the memories others wish to create.

All artwork shown copyright C. Pic Michel, all rights reserved

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Work Contemplating Humans
Hoodie, 2011, Exploring the ways we, when young, have all found methods to express ourselves differently whether it is the hip-huggers of the past or the bulge displayng bottoms often worn with hoodies.  The piece invites the viewer to look again and remember through the eyes of the young.Many will recognize this aged gardener, draped in seed packets, bending at the hips to plant some flowers, and smell the earth again as a child just from a glance at Garden MemoriesAmro and Ruthie, 2012 Created as a gift from mother to the happy couple on their wedding day.  The pair are built on standalone pieces of wood which, when united bring the couple into a Tango.

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Wire scultptures may be commissioned as special gifts to commemorate special moments and memories.